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Winter Greenhouse Gardening

In the dark days of winter many gardeners spend happy hours looking through seed catalogs and planning for spring.  Why let winter keep you out of the garden?  Winter greenhouse gardening, with a properly equipped greenhouse, extends your harvest in the fall, grow lettuce and other cool crops through winter, and get seedlings started for […]

Ladybugs and Orchids – Good Bugs and Blooms

When our VERY LARGE orchid bursts into bloom, we really feel like spring has finally arrived.  Having the orchids in bloom, the lemons ripening on the trees and the citrus blossoms infusing the greenhouse with a divine aroma …   these things are part of the magic of greenhouse growing. But sometimes we need good […]

Get a Jump Start on Your Growing Season!

5 Important Tips for Starting Your Seeds Indoors. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my vegetable garden started!   Here are 5 tips for a successful launch of your veggie garden! Photo courtesy of My Tiny Plot. 1. Know WHEN to start your seeds! As with most things in […]

Winterize Your Greenhouse

A 6 Step Checklist to Winterize Your Greenhouse. It’s TIME!!! We went through our Greenhouses this week, and this is the check list we use to make sure that all is well and tucked in for the winter. 1. Clean! Now is the time to clean the glazing to provide maximum winter light transmission. Remove shade […]

Easy Steps to Growing Ginger at Home

Our Ginger in the greenhouse is blooming.  The fragrance is incredible!  It got me to thinking more about this good-looking plant, and how I am ALWAYS out of ginger when I need it for a recipe.   So I got to wondering what it would take to start my own crop. Where do you find […]

5 Greenhouse accessories for your greenhouse

A greenhouse is designed to create a different environment than what you have outside. Discussed below are 5 basic environmental factors (and the greenhouse accessories to address those factors) that should be considered in your greenhouse planning: ventilation, heat, circulation, shade and humidity. 1. Roof vents for Greenhouse Ventilation:A natural, effective way to ventilate a […]

5 things to consider when building a greenhouse

So you are thinking of building a greenhouse? Here are 5 basics to consider as you start the process. 1. What environment do your plants need? Are you starting seeds or over-wintering plants? This could be a basic greenhouse with benches and grow mats for heat. Growing tropical plants or hoping for tomatoes in the […]

Three Tricks to Keep your Greenhouse Cool

Tricks to beat summer overheating in the greenhouse It’s been a hot summer her in Portland, Oregon, which reminds us to have a plan for battling the scorching heat and ensuring your garden can thrive. There are a number of methods for combating the heat, but we’ve picked our favorites to share with you.

Automatic Irrigation = Worry-free Vacations!

Summer is here, and the time for vacations and weekend getaways has arrived. Many people have automatic irrigation systems in their yards, but if not a good soaking right before you go can usually get your plants through several days of dry weather. But the summer greenhouse can be punishing for plants. All that light […]

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