Various Greenhouse styles

Free-standing garden deluxe greenhouse

This greenhouse is our freestanding Garden Deluxe model. It has tall, straight sidewalls and sets on an 18” high knee or base wall. This particular greenhouse has double tier, all wood benches and a wood shelf along one side. The roof vents are automated and there is a finial added to the roof ridge for decoration.



Lean-to greenhouse

An alternative to the freestanding greenhouse is a lean-to, or attached, unit. This offers some advantages being able to fit into a smaller space against an otherwise unused wall. A lean-to is also somewhat easier to heat. However, there are occasionally building department permit issues with an attached greenhouse.

Tudor Greenhouse attached to an upscale Garden Shed.
Another popular greenhouse style is a greenhouse attached at the gable end. Here is an example of a Tudor Greenhouse attached to an upscale Garden Shed.

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