Greenhouse ventilation – Roof Vents

Greenhouse roof vents for gentle greenhouse ventilationGreenhouse ventilation is handled with natural and gentle air flow through roof vents incorporated into each Sturdi-built greenhouse kit.  The number and location of vents depends on the greenhouse size, style and location.

For Greenhouse ventilation to be effective, roof vents should be combined with proper lower ventilation. Our wood base walls are built with screened vents that can be opened in the warmer weather and closed with our unique vent plugs in colder weather.
Base wall vent lets in cool air for effective greenhouse ventilation
For customers who build a concrete or masonry base wall without vents, optional Jalousie Windows can be added to the greenhouse frame for extra greenhouse ventilation. Natural convection, cool air coming in low with hot air flowing out the roof vents, offers quiet, humidity saving ventilation. Optional automatic roof vent openers are recommended and roof vent screen kits are available for bug infested areas.

Note about fan venting systems.  They do move air effectively but can dehumidify the greenhouse during dry weather, plus they are noisy. For areas with high summer humidity Fan Venting systems work well.

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