Sturdi-Built’s Exclusive Thermal Option for greenhouse insulation

Use our unique Thermal Option to create a more energy-efficient and insulated greenhouse.

Adds a layer of inner glazing to create a double-glazed greenhouse.

The Thermal Option may be purchased with the greenhouse or added later.

Uses either window clear acrylic, white twin wall polyethylene or a combination of these materials.

The insulating air space between the inner and outer glazing is 5/8”.

We recommend clear glass and inner clear acrylic be used for walls. For roof glazing, a combination of  twin wall polycarbonate with white twin wall polyethylene is very effective for added insulation.

Using our Twin Wall polycarbonate exterior glazing and Twin Wall polyethylene interior glazing, an R-value of over 3 is obtained—twice the insulation available with most other greenhouses.

Our Thermal Option system is designed to breathe to accommodate the high humidity levels in greenhouses.

Heat-efficient redwood construction along with our Thermal Option makes a Sturdi-Built greenhouse kit a very thermally efficient greenhouse.

Read more about the Thermal Option in our downloadable price list and check out our supplementary video about greenhouse glazing and greenhouse insulation using our Thermal Option below!

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