Home Greenhouse Kits

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To see an overview of all of our home greenhouse kits with some of the unique features of each, we encourage you to watch our Introduction to Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Styles video.

Click on the PHOTOS below to see additional information about each greenhouse.

Trillium - small greenhouse kitsThe TRILLIUM Greenhouse – A “green” type of greenhouse. Smaller, more sustainable home greenhouse kits made with a special redwood material.



The Garden Deluxe - attractive architectural greenhouse kitsThe GARDEN DELUXE Greenhouse – Classic style home greenhouse kits with attractive architectural details and a spacious feel. If you are looking for a lean-to Garden Deluxe, take a look at the Deluxe Glass-to-Ground option!



Tudor Home Greenhouse kits - a great greenhouse for snowThe TUDOR Greenhouse – Attractive Gothic-style architecture is the basis for these tall and strong greenhouse kits. Both lean-to and freestanding versions are available.



The Nantucket - unique greenhouse kitsThe NANTUCKET Greenhouse – A completely unique greenhouse style. These home greenhouse kits feature an asymmetrical design- great as a sitting area, cigar room, or garden room. The Nantucket is available only as a freestanding structure. 



The TROPIC Greenhouse – Traditional style home greenhouse kits with slanted glass walls on a 32″ base wall. Both lean-to and freestanding styles are available.



The DELUXE Greenhouse – Classic and economical greenhouse with straight side walls to maximize space for plants and you. Deluxe greenhouse kits are available in both lean-to and freestanding styles.



The SOLITE Greenhouse – Compact greenhouse style designed to double your growing space and maximize solar heating. Both lean-to and freestanding styles are available. The Solite Jr. is a smaller version of this greenhouse.



The GARDEN SUNROOM Greenhouse – Attaches to your home or outbuilding at the ridge. Lovely space for you and your plants. Ideal as a sun room, spa or patio enclosure, covered porch or home greenhouse.