Deluxe Greenhouse Kits

Designed to sit on a 32″ base wall, the Deluxe is a great option for those looking to keep their greenhouse tidy looking from the outside.

Engineered to be the lowest priced, highest quality wooden greenhouse available. Our Deluxe greenhouse includes all the quality features and options found on our other wooden greenhouse kits while retaining aesthetics and function. The glass-to-ground greenhouse version maximizes usable space by allowing under bench growing and solar efficiency due to large panels of glass.

Order by calling 800-334-4115 or 503-244-4100

Traditional vertical wall greenhouse design for maximum bench-top and shelf growing space

Available in regular and glass-to-ground greenhouse versions; both in free-standing and lean-to (attached) greenhouses

This wooden greenhouse design is well-suited to customizing 

Deluxe Regular greenhouse mounts on a 32″ base wall – build your own or use our redwood and cedar base

Deluxe Glass-to-Ground greenhouse sets on a 9 1/2″ wall – try our redwood and cedar base wall with built-in vents or build your own

End walls are factory assembled, doors are pre-hung, and balance is precision pre-cut

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Take a video tour of our Deluxe greenhouse model:

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Deluxe Glass-to-ground lean to wooden greenhouseCustomized deluxe greenhouse