Greenhouse Options

Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Options

Greenhouse options - basewall

Base Walls: Sturdi-Built wood greenhouse base walls are available in different heights – 9 1/2″, 18″ & 32″. Buy one of our wood base walls with vents or build your own from bricks, stone, concrete, or wood.

18″H Customer-provided masonry base wall

Sturdi-Built’s exclusive Thermal Option: An inner glazing layer creates an insulated greenhouse. Materials for the inner glazing are window clear acrylic, white twin wall polyethylene or a combination of these materials. Watch our supplementary video on various glazing options.




Greenhouse Benches: available in a variety of lengths and widths to fit any greenhouse. All benches come pre-cut and ready to assemble.





Greenhouse Options - jalousie windows

Jalousie Windows: Easy to operate louvered windows that can be mounted in doors or end walls to provide extra ventilation. 




Finials & Ridge Scallops:  A decorative option that caGreenhouse options - finial & ridge scallopn be added to any of our freestanding greenhouses.




Partition WallsGreenhouse options - interior partition wall: create two environments in one greenhouse with an interior wall.






Custom Greenhouses: We build each of our greenhouses to order. Custom units are our specialty. Additional costs apply.

Custom greenhouses