Solite Greenhouse Kit

The Solite as a freestanding unit

The Solite greenhouse combines strength, beauty and growing space to create a unique gardening solution. The glass-to-ground design provides extra growing space under the benches. The slanted lapped greenhouse glass walls maximize winter solar heating. This greenhouse model is available in a variety of lengths and widths, freestanding or lean-to versions.

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Solite LeanTo_greenhouse

The Solite as a lean-to unit

Ample space and strength for shelves and hanging plants such as orchids

Greenhouse roof vents included

The 11ft wide model has a 36″ pre-hung Redwood greenhouse door.

The 8ft Solite has a 24″ door.

Doors are handmade in our shop

This greenhouse model is designed for a 9 1/2″ base wall – build your own or buy our redwood and cedar greenhouse base wall with built-in vents

The 8′ Solite freestanding greenhouse model is a smaller kit and a great value

  Take a video tour showing features of our Solite greenhouses:

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Below is an example of a custom Lean-to Solite on a slightly higher base wall, along with an interior shot.
Solite Lean-to stand alone greenhouseInterior of the Solite Lean-to stand alone greenhouse