The Tudor Greenhouse Kit

With a 12/12 roof pitch, the Tudor greenhouse is a great option for those who experience high snow loads.

The Tudor, a unique Gothic-style greenhouse kit, features a steep roof pitch and many decorative touches. This wood and glass kit has an efficient layout with lots of overhead plant hanging space. Terrific for hanging orchids. A beautiful addition to your garden and home.

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• Appealing greenhouse design with many decorative accents including arched glass in and above the door, interior gussets and a unique door handle

• Steep roof pitch makes it ideal for heavy snow areas

• Well suited for custom sizes and applications

• Designed to set on a 32″ base wall

• Build your own base wall or use our redwood and cedar base wall with decorative vents

• Several greenhouse sizes available in both freestanding and lean-to models

• The Tudor greenhouse kit includes our unique factory prefabrication: end walls are factory assembled in large sections and roof and sidewalls are precision pre-cut ready for assembly

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Take a video tour of our Tudor greenhouse:

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Large Tudor style wood & glass greenhouse