Nantucket Greenhouse Kits

A beautiful double door with arched glass and decorative handles make the Nantucket a focal point of your garden

This beautiful garden greenhouse features an asymmetrical roof and exterior eave overhangs. Glass starting only 18 inches above ground provides ample light and growing space. Perfect as a sitting area or garden room.

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Spacious greenhouse design with at least 9 feet of vertical height, depending on width

• Available in standard 8′, 10′, 12′ and widths

Roof vents and two jalousie windows are standard features

Mounts on 18″ base wall – build your own or use one of ours

Decorative finials and scallops on roof ridge are standard

Special all-wood greenhouse benches available in a variety of layouts

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Take a video tour of the Nantucket:

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The Nantucket as a ‘She Shed’ – stylish additions including ridge scalloping, double doors, eave overhangs and finials make this style a handsome, stress relieving getaway space.

Take a break from the demands of everyday life while staying close to home by turning any of our styles into a ‘She Shed’. Additional architectural details included in the Nantucket, Tudor and Garden Deluxe make these models excellent options for the usage. 

Below: Create a Hot Tub Solarium! Click here to see what one of our customers did with his Nantucket.

Spa Greenhouse

Hot Tub in a garden greenhouse