Trillium Greenhouse Kit

Trillium Greenhouse – a very popular smaller scale greenhouse that lives large!

The Trillium is made with our unique laminated redwood frame. We use Clear All Heart Redwood — the part that is truly “red” — for superior durability and rot resistance. With the proper care, this small greenhouse will last and look beautiful for years to come.





Order by calling 800-334-4115 or 503-244-4100

Clear All Heart laminated redwood greenhouse frame on an 18″ Redwood and Cedar base wall with built-in vents

Standard window glass walls for clear viewing, and energy efficient, impact resistant twin wall polycarbonate roof glazing

Sturdi-Built’s exclusive Thermal Option (double glazing) is available for extra energy efficiency

Small greenhouse footprint with ample greenhouse height (8’4″ at peak)

Available in 7’x7′, 7’x 9′ and 7’x11′ sizes

Made using only American grown and made materials

We offer two accessory packages. Choose one that best suits your greenhouse needs.  Basic accessory package includes: two 24″ wide full-length, pipe leg slat benches, oscillating fan, 120V Electric heater, Digital thermometer/hygrometer, and an automatic roof vent opener. Deluxe accessory package includes: two double tier 24″ full length wood benches, two sidewall shelves, a plant hanging bar, oscillating fan, 120V Electric heater with a remote heavy duty thermostat, digital thermometer/hygrometer, and an automatic roof vent opener. Take a video tour of the Trillium:

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                                                         Trillium greenhouse interiorGreenhouse uses special laminated wood  


Greenhouse base wall vent lets in cool air









Greenhouse roof vents let hot air out the top for natural ventilation. Greenhouse base wall vents let cool air in. 

Specially laminated Clear All-Heart redwood made using redwood shorts saves trees and reduces our carbon footprint.