How to build a greenhouse by Sturdi-Built

After placing an order, we send a complete instruction manual showing how to build a greenhouse using our kit. Our redwood greenhouse kits have the materials you need to build the greenhouse on your foundation — wooden frame, glass (or other optional glazing material), hardware, pre-hung door, caulking and instructions. Our greenhouse kits are partially prefabricated, with end walls factory assembled and shipped in large sections. The doors are pre-hung. Roof and side wall components are precision pre-cut, drilled for screws and ready for assembly before placing on your foundation or base wall.

We strongly recommend that the redwood frame be stained before building the greenhouse to preserve its beauty. Useful tools: hand saw, variable speed drill with phillips screwdriver bit, hammer, drill bits, tape measure, 1” drill bit for door catch, screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, glass cutter, level, and a good caulking gun.

The video above video shows an overview of what to expect when receiving and building your greenhouse.

Click here for our other greenhouse assembly videos showing assembly of different parts.

Overview of how to build a greenhouse using a Sturdi-Built kit.

Build a greenhouse step 1: A level & square foundation1. Greenhouse foundation measurements are provided with your greenhouse instructions. (We provide a measured drawing.) Foundation must be square, level and well-anchored to the ground.

Build a greenhouse step 2: Layout and assemble sections2. Our greenhouse end walls come to you pre-assembled. Roof and side wall sections are in precut pieces, marked and ready to assemble. Lay out the sections on a flat surface, such as a garage floor and then screw together at ground level.


Build a greenhouse step 3: Make sure base wall is square3. Place basewall sections together on your foundation so they are square and level. Some customers build their greenhouse base wall out of stone or bricks. If you wish to do this, we will provide a measured drawing for your basewall.


Build a greenhouse step 4: Place greenhouse sections on base wall4. The wall sections (factory pre-assembled end walls and the side walls that you have assembled earlier) are placed on the base walls and interlock at the corners.


Build a greenhouse step 5: Join the greenhouse corners together5. Set the end wall sections into place on the basewalls then set the side wall sections into place. Fit the endwalls and the sidewalls together at the corners by leaning the end walls outward and inserting the eave plates into the end walls. Our unique joinery will actually hold the sections together temporarily without fastening.


Build a greenhouse step 6: Slide the roof in place6. Slide the roof sections up the end wall sections until they drop into place at the ridge.


Build a greenhouse step 7: Fasten greenhouse together7. Bolt the ridge rails together, then loosely screw the entire greenhouse frame together.


Build a greenhouse step 8: Install door8. Mark and cut door jambs, then install the pre-hung door assembly.  Our doors are generally hinged to swing into the greenhouse and can be hinged on the left or right to accommodate your needs.


Build a greenhouse step 9: Install structural supports9. Finish the structure with tie chains, braces, or roof beams depending on the model. The greenhouse is stong, attractive, and functional.


Build a greenhouse step 10: Install roof vent10. Install glass in the roof vent and then install the vent before putting glass in the rest of the greenhouse.


Build a greenhouse step 11: Placing glass11. Install glass (or other optional glazing), setting each glass piece in a bead of caulk. Do the walls first, then roof and finally end walls finishing with a barcap to hold the glazing and give the greenhouse a neat appearance.


Build a greenhouse step 12: Interior gutter12. The greenhouse is almost finished! Now add the finishing touches to make your greenhouse unique. Add the standard interior gutter with drain tube. Then add rafter ties, exterior overhangs, ridge scallops, finials, accessories and benches if you ordered these options.


finished greenhouse13. Enjoy the greenhouse!!


Assembly Videos

Trillium Assembly Video

Roof Sections Assembly Video

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