Winter greenhouse gardening

Winter greenhouse gardeningThis attached (lean-to) Solite greenhouse is snug in a snow storm. It has sufficient roof pitch so the snow slides off. Additionally, having one side against a building helps prevent heat loss in the winter greenhouse. This customer’s plants are safe and warm for the winter.

Tudor Winter Greenhouse 12x20A Tudor style greenhouse is a good choice for winter greenhouse gardening. The steep roof pitch allows snow to slide off easily, preventing potentially damaging accumulations.

Other considerations when planning a winter greenhouse include:

  • Glazing materials – consider using a twin wall material for extra insulation or using our exclusive thermal option
  • If building a greenhouse attached to a house, avoid locating the greenhouse where snow might suddenly slide off the house roof, damaging the greenhouse
  • Design the winter greenhouse to include electricity for heat as well as lights and fans
  • An oscillating fan should run 24/7 to keep moisture from condensing on plants and growing mold. 

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